Making Your Bed in The Morning

My mother always emphasized how significant creating morning routine was as a child: Wake up, fix my bed, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, watch Pokémon and then head off to school. That was standard procedure for my childhood (tv show changed depending on age) and gave me my first opportunity to create structure for my day.

As an adult, I can say that my habits from childhood have stuck.I go through the same routine my mother put me through back in the day.

Many of these tasks decrease in priority when I’m running late,(Mostly tv time and breakfast…hygiene…ehhh sometimes) but I never forget to make my bed before I leave for the day.

I’ve come up with three reasons why I make my bed in the morning:

1. #Winning strategy. If you start with small victories (brushing your teeth, taking a shower, making your bed) you feel more confident about the day. Think about all the times you’ve had a difficult or rough day. It normally starts with a deviation your morning routine. If you can win the morning routine, you’re on your way to winning the day.

2. Investing in my day. The time I take to make my bed in the morning is going to make sure I feel better when I get home and need to sleep. A made bed makes me feel better and after a rough day, it feels great to come back to a made bed.

3. Creature of Habit. I’ve made my bed as part of my morning routine for so long that not having it done is wrong. I wouldn’t want to start the day off on the wrong foot!

What are some routines you continue from your childhood?

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