Great post by @nikeverellen on creating cultural exchange to bolster entrepreneurship.


For entrepreneurship to succeed in its job-creation role for the future, we should get rid of the hasty generalizations and put the issue of entrepreneurial culture high on the global agenda.

Creating a general culture and mindset should be the basis and main focus of the policy actions that will put the framework of the “InnoventGen” entrepreneurial revolution. The policymakers, media, general public and entrepreneurs should learn to know and understand each other better in order to succeed.

Rather than only investing in programs targeting the entrepreneurs directly, it should be complemented by education and sharing of experiences with the surrounding environment new companies are operating in. This indirect approach of bringing the larger society in contact with the daily challenges, joys and rewards of the risk-takers will hugely benefit the entire economy.

Nowadays the public opinion, largely impacted by the excesses of capitalism in the financial and private-equity industry…

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