On writing

During my application process to business schools, I realized  my writing quality had decreased since my college days. In college, I would crank out papers almost mindlessly and overtime I became efficient in making bloated papers focused on pages than quality. It wasn’t until I took an introduction to geopolitics in my senior year  that I worked more on concise writing. We would create memo-like one pagers on our readings which meant I had to summarize forty or fifty pages in one page. For the first time, I had to really focus on main points and leave out irrelevant material. I wish I had more experience in college writing this way.

I feel like I am slowly losing my ability to write in a meaningful way.Two years out of college and working in a setting where most of my writing is emails or in less than 140 characters,I want to get back to the place where I write often and even get better. Here are a couple of things I plan on doing to improve my writing:


I will write more. By writing in my journal and on here more often, I hope to gain some confidence and get back to where I was at the end of my college career.


I will reading more fictional books. I reading a lot of informational texts but  I need to branch out to the fictional book space to practice identifying style and tone.


I will take opportunities to help others edit their writing. Practice makes better but helping others practice helps on a whole other level.

I hope to take my writing to the next level and to do that, I have to become a student of words, structures, tone and messaging. Writing, reading and editing more will definitely help me become a great writer.

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