What are your Trophies?

“E’rybody want they trophy.
What is that supposed to tell me that you did somethin?
I don’t need no God damn trophy or award or, recognition.
I do this shit cause I love to do this shit!
All these kids nowadays, all these – all these young people.
They gotta have some type of shiny material posession
or some shit that shows that they did somethin!
They gotta have a trophy, they gotta have an award.
They gotta have a nice lookin girl, and a
a nice car and some rims and a gold chain!
We don’t need to know that you done some shit – just do it!
God damn trophies.”

I heard this in the intro to Apollo Brown & OC  mix tape I recently downloaded. I have to say I agree with his premise. You should be intrinsically motivated to achieve your goals and dreams. However, when you think about trophies and the process of receiving them, it is rarely just for the person receiving it. Trophies to people who don’t have them stand as something to aspire to with the hope that with enough hard work and dedication, you too can have one. Ultimately, a trophy (in the metaphorical and literal sense) is something to aspire to, but your intrinsic motivation (love, drive, etc.) is what will help you through the difficult times. What are some of your trophies?


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