Just about a year ago, we did a post that proved, at the time, to be somewhat controversial.  That in Just 30 Days, or at least, just one full sales cycle — you’ll know if your VP Sales isn’t going to work out.

Confused-sales-guyThis isn’t intuitive, and is something I had to learn the hard way.  Many VCs and others will give you the contrary advice.  So will many VPs of Sales.  Give it Time.  Sales is Hard.  That new VP of Sales joined with “nothing”.  Be patient.

Patience is important in SaaS, no doubt.  Just not here, not in this one case.

My learning, and point, was that if you have a Great VP of Sales … there’s just one thing I know:

That if you are growing X% without a Great VP of Sales, that once you hire a truly Great VP of Sales …that you should…

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