I’m currently testing his algorithm for this years bracket. His though process seems sound…. Let see what it can do!

Nathan Brixius

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to participate in an NCAA tournament pool. The twist: you have to write a program to predict the results. Here are the rules I was given:

The algorithm for your [Java] code goes below. As you can see in the method header, you are passed two objects: Team A and Team B. Spend some time thinking about this and writing your algorithm out, as once you submit your code you won’t get any feedback until your bracket is sent to you. The team class is a class defined by us, here’s what it looks like:

publicclass Team {
    public String name;    
    publicint seed, RPI_rank;    
    publicdouble points_scored, points_against, wins, losses, RPI;        
    public Team(String n, int s, double rpi, int rpi_rank, int w, int l, 
      double ps, double pa) { name = n; seed = s; RPI = rpi; RPI_rank…

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