Most of my friends pre-ordered the Apple Watch and are super excited to start using a watch to read their texts and tell time. I’m not all that excited about the Apple Watch and other wearables out on the market because they miss the larger need and opportunity in the market.

The power of wearables and other internet of thing products is the ability to communicate with other products. It’s not about the device itself, but creating a network of products that add value to a users experience.

Take the Apple Watch for example. I know it can do a lot of other things but maybe instead of telling time on my watch… I want a wearable that can push information to a wall, mirror or my car. I’m not concerned about the wearable itself as much as I am concerned with the wearables ability to communicate with the world around me. The Apples and the Googles of the world should focus on building an ecosystem of products that will communicate with each other than competing on specific products….or maybe even compete on platform.

We’ll see what the future holds but I’m not going to be an early adopter until I see utility.

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